Georgia Six Adds 4,000 More Voters, Registration Deadline is Next Sunday

Well, I stand rather humbly corrected. After reviewing the previous months of registration data, I had assumed no more than perhaps 2,000 additional registrations would be filed with the extended period. So far, from the end of the previous deadline (March 20th) through Friday, it’s been double that, per the Secretary of State’s office:

Cobb +868

DeKalb +1350

Fulton +1861

GA-06 overall: +4079

This bump increases overall registration in the district by 0.93%. While less than half the surge we saw in February as the race heated up, it;’s larger than the “race-against-the-deadline” bump we saw in early March, and will probably grow larger as pending applications are processed.

If the June contest comes down to a few thousand votes, the ruling to extend registration will likely be praised/blamed, depending on the outcome and side.

Or perhaps not. While these tallies are impressive, these were voters who filed despite the original cutoff- the district is growing in population and has seen a continuous growth in registration over the last few months. When you isolate just the applications filed since the court order, you get a grand total of: 42 new voters.