Four More Polls Since Friday Find Ossoff in Low to Mid-Forties for GA06

When we last updated our list of polls for tomorrow’s special Congressional election in Georgia, Opinion Savvy had dropped their latest release, finding Karen Handel with a comfortable lead for second place and a runoff spot. Since then, Landmark, Revily, Clout Research and Emerson have each joined in, and their findings vary:

Emerson, Revily, and Clout find Handel and Bob Gray neck and neck, with Clout showing a narrow lead for Grey. Meanwhile, Landmark seems to find a similar wide lead for Handel that OpinionSavvy had, though they find Ossoff just over the 45% mark. RevilyConsidering the real margin of error for polling in special elections and the type of polling conducted (mostly Interactive Voice Response, many with just landlines), the Democrat still has a decent chance of winning outright tomorrow.