Colorado’s Latest Voter Registration Statistics Show Blue-Shift Hasn’t Stopped

The Secretary of State of Colorado released the latest registration figures earlier this week, and the partisan numbers reflect the blue shift the state has experienced over the last decade. President Elect Donald Trump lost the state by over five percent, making it the third Presidential cycle in a row where the state has landed in the Democratic column. Democratic improvement in the Denver suburbs was offset slightly by Trump’s gains in rural Colorado and Pueblo but haven’t slowed down. Republicans went from leading in active voter registration statewide to now placing behind unaffiliated and Democrats, a placement that emerged just before the November election and has not reversed since.


Over the past ten years, Democrats boosted their tally by almost 175,000 voters, outpacing the growth among unaffiliated (about 149,000) and third parties (48,000). The Republicans, meanwhile, saw an anemic boost of only 36,000 voters. The state added over 600,000 residents since early 2008, making it one of the fastest growing in the nation, and clearly not in the Republicans’ favor.