Candidates Set for California’s 34th Congressional District Special Election

In what was a very low turnout primary (likely due to the overwhelmingly partisan nature of the district and an absurdly large number of similar candidates), State Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez and attorney Robert Lee Ahn will face off in the general election on June 6th.

A few outlets have used the phrasing “apparent” winners, but Ahn, who captured the number two spot, has a very comfortable edge over the third-place finisher, Maria Cabildo, and late-reporting absentee ballots aren’t going to change that. Even if another 20,000 ballots roll in by mail, Cabildo would have to win a dramatically different percentage of them (againstĀ a field of twenty-two other choices) to pull ahead. Since she trailed in the initial vote-by-mails reported and election day returns, she’s not going to make up the difference with the (more likely) 10,000-15,000 ballots left to actually count.

We will update tallies as the County counts outstanding ballots. Full results from yesterday’s primary can be found here. The Desk will be covering the all-Democratic general contest.