Cabinet Confirmations Move Along Today, Tomorrow, Possibly Friday

Votes Today

Confirmation- Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior

This morning, the Senate reconvenes to vote on the confirmation of Secretary of the Interior nominee Ryan Zinke. Rep. Zinke comfortably cleared cloture on Monday evening by a 67-31-1 vote, and we expect him to have an easy vote today.

Cloture- Dr. Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Following the Zinke confirmation, the full Senate will vote on cloture for Dr. Carson. Considering Senators like Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown already recommended him in committee, he may get a final vote exceeding eighty ayes, despite initially being one of the more surprising selections for the Cabinet. Thanks to an agreement worked out, if cloture is invoked they will run the clock as if decided at 1am today.

Votes Thursday

Confirmation- Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Assuming thirty hours of post-cloture debate and a continuous session, Dr. Carson can expect a 7am vote tomorrow on his final confirmation. Considering the general lack of resistance to his nomination, such a session probably isn’t going to happen, and they will likely convene the Senate sometime this evening, pushing his final vote back into the afternoon tomorrow.

Cloture- Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy

Following the Carson vote, the last nominee that was still waiting on the floor before the President’s Day recess finally gets his first vote: former Texas Governor Rick Perry. Mr. Perry has already received the backing of over a half-dozen Democrats, but will probably face some resistance, so upon the invocation of cloture a thirty hour period of debate will likely begin. The timing of Carson’s final confirmation and this cloture vote will determine if this nominee is confirmed before the week ends.

Votes Friday

Confirmation- Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy

If the Thursday votes are held in the morning or afternoon, it is conceivable Mr. Perry can be confirmed this week.