A National Neighborhood Map of the Presidential Election

The Decision Desk HQ is extremely proud to host the most detailed interactive display of last year’s Presidential election. Ryne Rohla, a new contributor to the Desk, has spent months of meticulous work, accumulating the data from every state in the nation. Going above and beyond with an already wild project, Mr. Rohla has also acquired 2008 and 2012 precinct results, and the graphic we are about to display will allow you to look up your home precinct practically anywhere in the United States to see how it has voted over three cycles. Mr. Rohla and other contributors, including Alexander Agadjanian, Miles Coleman, and myself, will be reviewing the mountain of data to explore last year’s contest.

We congratulate Ryne on this momentous achievement.

Now, behold: the most detailed interactive display of Presidential election results you will ever see.