Scott Walker’s Job Approval Appears to be Recovering

The Marquette Law Poll has returned for 2017, tracking President Trump’s job approval, his favorability, and the favorability of his various legislative proposals. While all of that will garner headlines, we are focused on the upcoming elections in 2018. The MuLawPoll has been tracking Governor Walker’s job approval since its inaugural release over five years ago, and we wanted to see how his overall performance has appeared in their surveys. The March release finds Walker at his highest net approval (-3) since right before his re-election in 2014 (+2). After a rather disastrous Presidential campaign, which drove his approval ratings down into the thirties and sent his disapproval soaring, the Governor has all but fully recovered, if Marquette is to be believed.

Walker’s durability in the state will be put to the test for a third time in six years, as he will all but certainly run for re-election. Democrats are still scrambling to field an opponent against him, as top choices like Congressman Ron Kind have already passed. If the 2016 Presidential election had turned out as polling (including Marquette’s) indicated, it’s likely that more Democrats would be gunning for the chance to run. With Walker slowly recovering from his self-inflicted wounds and no strong challenger yet materializing, it’s his race to lose.