About Our Neighborhood Interactive Map

As many of you know we unveiled something truly unique today, a complete, interactive map of the 2016 Presidential election down to the precinct level. Viewers were able to see the changes at the most granular level, their neighborhood, over the course of three presidential elections.

It is a truly magnificent piece of political research and cartography by Ryne Rohla. We are exceptionally pleased he elected to have us serve as hosts for this groundbreaking work.

Unfortunately, with something so new and innovative there are occasionally hiccups. Such was the case today. The level of detail is so great that the sheer volume of traffic and data involved in displaying and interacting with it is quite simply beyond the traditional capabilities of even the best hosting services.

Given that, we’ve had to take down the interactive map for the moment while we work on a customized solution to present Ryne’s amazing work. We thank you for your interest and patience.

In the meantime, there are several articles on the site delving into the data from the neighborhood voting map:

Hispanic Heterogeneity in the 2016 Presidential Election

The Decline of Competitive Precincts from 2008 to 2016

Creating a National Precinct Map